The Yoyle Republic , better known as Yoyleland, was a nation in Ultimate Custom World Season 3. The nation is owned by TSwany, an admin on the server. It is based in Iceland.



Yoyleland was founded in 2070 when recovery centers from the sunken continent of Goiky began washing up on Icelandic shores. Since recovery centers are waterproof, they were fully intact and functional, and sentient objects began to emerge from them and formed the Yoyle Republic, with the intention of restoring what once was Yoyleland.

Major Conflicts

Yoyleland has earned a reputation for not participating in wars, being a founding member of LAWN.



Oceania - My best friend! He's the only one who truly understands me, and also helps me protect my Yoyleberries!


Savium -  Remove imperialist scumbag!


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