aka TSwany

  • I live in Columbus, Ohio
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is Artist, comedian, and sports fan
  • I am a certified lunatic
  • Bio Hey there. I’m Tom Lastname, better known as TSwany. I'm a comedian, somewhat of an artist, and a certified lunatic. I also like sports. Go Buckeyes!
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A drawing of Ohioball that I made.

Hey there! I'm TSwany, a UCW server administrator. You may have come here to look at my nations! Here's a list:

Seasons 1-3

Season 4

UFAQ (Un-Frequently Asked Questions)

Un-Frequently because nobody asks me questions. ;-;

Q: Which of your nations did you enjoy playing as the most?

A: I'd have to say Ohio. Buckeye state represent! Also because of the many interactions I had with other nations and the many relations I constructed with them. It was fun.

Q: What are two UCW-related things you want to happen but probably never will?

A: No. 1: I want the sub-servers to have equal activity, and No. 2: I want to have Season 2 be made into a full-length mapping movie. Too bad LD13 deleted the archives which will never be recovered. But that's why we made the wiki, is it not?

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