The Soviet Union was a nation in Season 6 before its death. It had two leaders, Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin, it was one of the biggest nations and was known as a world superpower, the Soviet Union has however collapsed once and got puppeted after loosing the Cold War II. It was founded by goronramsy200, as his first nation in Ultimate Custom World. The nation included eastern Siberia, an Italian island, Canada, and a small Alaskan island ceded to the Soviet Union as a gift. The Soviet Union has won most wars and is known for defeating Lithuania.

Lithuanian-Russo War

The Lithuanian-Russo War was one of the longest and most brutal wars in the history of the Soviet Union, the war began when Lithuania started acting a bit rude which made all the communist nations gather, they decided they should annex Lithuania but the Soviet Union did not join the Lithuania-Russo War until around the end of the war, the Soviet Union had won and took modern day Kaliningrad, which they would soon lose to the Cold War II later on.

Cold War II

The Cold War II was the most bloody war in the history of the Soviet Union, it started when the Soviet Union was at peace with nations until most new nations started becoming communist, then started blaming the Soviet Union for it, which they claim they didn't and that they just wanted to become communist, but this made European nations suspicious and started hating on the Soviet Union. Sealand was talking to other nations about starting a war to stop the Soviet Union, while the Soviet Union was one of the founders of the Union Bloc, where it was to boost communism, but to prove that communism wasn't a bad thing, people didn't take it and said there could be a war soon with the Soviet Union. While Texas has been angry with the Soviet Union and started arguing, while the Soviet Union was worried over the possibility of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The war started after a nation declared war on a communist nation which triggered the Soviet Union calling in the Union Bloc to start a war to stop all the anger, they fought and they were close to winning but the capitalists won and Korea annexed Kaliningrad, Nebraska annexed St. Petersburg, and the East India Company surprisingly puppeted the Soviet Union, changing it to the Russian Federation, leading to the first collapse of the Soviet Union until its revenge in the following war.

Russian Protests

The Russian Protests was a historical event during the time of the second Soviet Union during Season 6. Once water was getting polluted, Mikhail Gorbachev had accidentally drank some of the polluted water and got terribly sick, the soviet government has put Vladimir Putin in office for the rest of the term and Putin yelled at his people saying communism shouldn't be for the Soviet Union. The government said that Putin could not change the nation in any way so the soviets marched up to the government and stated that they shouldn't deserve to be communist anymore, they won and kicked the soviet government out, and Putin put a new government in place and made changes to make the Soviet Union more capitalist and the Soviet Union put its flag up for the last time before the Russian Protests forced the nation to become the Russian Federation. This lasted a day before rioters raided the russian white house and made Putin change the nation back to the Soviet Union and put Mikhail in charge a year later, Putin said no, but then later a vote was made by the government and Putin was kicked out of office for abusing his power of the leader of the Russian Federation.

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