Ultimate Custom World red is one of the sub servers and was established on April 17, 2019

some of the nations include

Democratic Union




Time Line

21 of April

Season Starts

German Empire is created

Bahamas Is Created

Union Of England is created

Sicily is created

Philippine Republic is created

Scotland is created

Jewish Autonomous Oblast is created

Scandinavia is created

France is created

New Japan is created

Dual Alliance is created with Germany and New Japan

New Japan creates an Alliance with Sicily called the Wine-Sake Pact and start construction on the OwO Missile

April 22

Sicily builds a Hammer and Sickle radio tower

April 24

A mysterious figure speaks to Union Of England on how to spread Communism

April 27

New Japan Ceases to exist

April 29

The UOE makes a new London called Corbynia

The JAO, Scotland and Philippines plan to take out the UOE

April 30

Wyoptia is formed

Sicily allies with Wyoptia

The League of Islands is formed

May 2

The Philippines joins the League of Islands

A JAO ship surrounds a Sicilian ship

May 3

The Union of England declares war on Scotland Beginning the English Scottish war

Sicily becomes democratic

Sicily declares war on the JAO beginning the Jewish Sicilian War

Sicily Declares war on Luzon

Philippines becomes communist and is known as the LSSR

The Treaty of Palermo is signed ending the Jewish Sicilian War

The Treaty of Quezon City is signed ending the Filipino Civil War

Sweden is formed

Luzon is formed

Manila is formed

The JAO allies with Luzon

Luzon Ceases to exist

May 4

A democratic revolution happens in the UOE

England is formed

the USSR is revealed

The Jewish Autonomous Oblast declares war on the USSR start the Jewish Soviet War

Bosnia is formed

Mindanoa is formed

Rome is formed

Wyoptia becomes democratic

Philippines is reformed

May 5

Sicily declares war on Rome starting the Sicilian Roman War

The Alliance of Freedom is formed

Visayas is formed

Oklahoma is formed

A plague rises up in Sicily

The JAO becomes the Jewish Russian Republic

the JRR becomes communist

The Jewish Soviet war ends

The JRR becomes a puppet of the USSR

The JRR becomes the Soviet Far East

the SFE annexes Moscow

Bahamas and Philippines annexes land around Moscow

Rome annexes Volgograd

Rome annexes St Peters berg

SFE makes a non aggression pact with the Philippines

SFE annexes Jerusalem

Computers Rise in popularity

The Second Sicilian Roman War happens

SFE annexes NYC

SFE has a democratic wave

SFE annexes Beijing

A revolt happens in the SFE

The SFE democratic wave ends

The SFE reforms into the Internationale Union

Rome Declares war on the IU beginning the First Communist Roman War

The IU joins the Alliance of Freedom

The IU has a civil war

The Treaty of Palermo is signed ending the Sicilian Roman War

The Treaty of Rome is signed, Ending the Second Sicilian Roman War

The Treaty of NYC is signed ending the First Communist Roman War.

The Treaty of Jerusalem is signed ending the Soviet Civil War

May 6

Sicily Forms Again

The Technological Alliance forms

Wyoptia After aiding the Sicilians declares war on them Starting the Wyoptian Sicilian War

Computers Develop

Communist rise up in the Philippines

Rome and Wyoptia declare war on the IU beginning the Second Roman Communist war

the IU has a democratic Uprising

Wyoptia Ceases to Exist

The IU becomes the Democratic Union

May 7

The USSR declares war on the DU

The Technological Alliance merges with the AOF

May 8

Tech Advances

Vyalonia is formed

Communists rise up in rome

Rome sends "Commie Busters in NYC"

after the brink of war the troops

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