The American Alliance-Ancapistan War

The American Alliance-Ancapistan War was a short war between the American Alliance and Ancapistan. The war that lasted between May 2024 and April 2024. Even though the war was quick it was not left without high civilian casualties approximately 25k in the battle for Lincoln alone. Total casualties not including civilian deaths was 125,000.

How the war began

The Transcontinental Railroad was an ambitious project started by Wyoming. It was gonna connect all the states and even certain parts of Mexico!

A new nation is born.

The nation of Ancapistan came into existence by the same time the Transcontinental Railroad was halfway finished on its way to Ohio. Ancapistan was an anarcho-capatalist nation a little bit smaller than Texas. Ancapistan stopped the project as it was right in between Ohio and Wyoming.

Too close for comfort

Texas was expanding into Oklahoma and Ancapistan was awfully close. This really angered Texas.

Westward for Ohio

Ohio had been planning to expand westward had been stopped by Ancapistan. Ohio hated this.

Wyoming and Georgia are pissed

Wyoming had begone a huge railroad connecting all the states it was halfway on its way to Ohio when Ancapistan formed stopping the railway. Wyoming being the biggest supporter and supplier of equipment and materials was very mad. Georgia also being a major supporter was also pissed.

The war begins

Wyoming had had enough of Ancapistan and declared war. The American Alliance joined in on the support of Wyoming.

Major Battles

  • Battle of Lincoln (AA Victory)
  • Battle of Kansas City (AA Victory)
  • Battle Of Springfield (AA Victory)
Screenshot 2020-02-24 at 9.23.26 PM

(right) Battle map used during the Battle Of Springfield

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