"Son. I need you. To get Apple. To sign. A deal. To move their HQ. To Houston. NOW."
- Texas, under pressure, telling Austin to sign a deal with Apple to move their HQ to Houston.
"Imma go drink a beer."
- Texas signing off of the comms when there's nothing to do.

Texas is a UCW Rewritten S1 country created by former UCW Admin Palmcoast. The nation's capital is located at Austin, with its major cities being Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Lubbock. Texas is located at Southwestern former United States, and is the co-founder of the American Alliance, with Ohio (Rewritten). It is the biggest state in terms of land in the former United States. It currently, to the south and the west, borders Mexico (Rewritten). To the north and the east, it borders unclaimed lands. Texas didn't play an important part early in the series, but it came more and more important as time went on, mostly due to Mexico (Rewritten) and Georgia.


A Lone Star is Born

Texas was created on Feb. 11th 2020, its first message being "Howdy." It had no emoji at the time, so Texas had to go with it's former flag, which looks like a pancake. After a while, Texas finally had a new flag, and won by a landslide, despite it looking like a diagonal version of the flag of Russia with a star and a laurel in the middle of it. Its emoji is more rounder, and eventually, Austin's is created.

Swinging High for an Alliance with Former US States

Texas was rather lonely, but with an opportunity to have with Georgia and Ohio, Texas proposed an alliance, of what would be the American Alliance. It wasn't long before Ohio and Georgia both accepted the alliance, and it was born. It was a defensive pact, but as Texas and Ohio got more technological, it became a defensive, economical, AND technological alliance between the three. The alliance eventually reached out to Wyoming and Washington in the future, becoming more and more stronger as time goes on.

The Mexico and Georgia Fiasco

After a while, Mexico was created, and it had start to become a worrying matter of Texas, Ohio, and Georgia. Georgia, who decided to change their own president, changed their president to the 3rd president, Racist Prick. Racist Prick, with it's heavily anti-Mexican policies, and the thought that anyone non-American are Mexican, which is false in the beliefs of many nations, including Isla Nublar. Ohio had proposed to play a movie called "Coco" on all Georgian screens, and at the right time, since Georgia was dealing with Camuguin Island being under attack. This caused Georgia to have an uprising, and Georgia's president, Racist Prick, and the 2nd president's grandparents, were all dead from Firing Squad.

The Lone Star Prosperity

When Georgia didn't pose a threat to Texas anymore, Texas began to rise in the power of being one of the most technologically advanced, falling short by Ohio, starting to transform Austin, a normal everyday Chicago-esque city to a Doha-esque, Dubai-esque, and Singapore-esque mixture city in 3-5 years, along with its major cities, improving the Galveston Seawall by building defenses and making it a strong coastal defense in case of attack, raising it higher, and added more stronger material to it, in case of tsunami or typhoon. Healthcare is now affordable, as well as all the colleges and universities have been reestablished, all the urban roads are now becoming stainless steel-coated and smooth, with sidewalks even becoming coated with glass that doesn't break, laws have been implemented to make the cities eco-friendly, El Paso, Brownsville, and Corpus Christi are now heavily fortified, and the middle class is beginning to rise.

The Ancapistan War

Main Article: The American Alliance-Ancapistan War

The Ancapistan war was a standoff between Ancapistan and the American Alliance, due to a bunch of reasons, with Georgia and Wyoming attacking because of the All-American Railroad, Ohio attacking because of expansion plans ruined, and Texas attacking because of a threat of security from an anarchist radical nation. Wyoming, Ohio and Texas attacked and negotiated, but Georgia still got their territories. Ancapistan surrendered and fled to Minnesota, therefore not being a problem to the American Alliance. America is at peace, and at last, Ancapistan was no longer a threat.

More Expansions, Mexico Inching Closer to War

After the war, it was practically a green light for Texas to keep on expanding into more provinces, especially Louisiana. That meant more cities to modernize and more colleges to reestablish. Texas was normal, nothing out of the ordinary, until Mexico had decided to expand northwards into Colorado, which was of utmost importance to Wyoming. Wyoming had reached out to the American Alliance to help get rid of the Mexican threat, which Georgia complied to. Texas, Washington and Ohio, on the other hand, weren't so sure about provoking a big threat. That, or they haven't decided at all. Eventually, all three of them have agreed to take down Mexico. War is about to become a reality, as soon as the Alliance agreed to take on Mexico.

Sudden Tensions with the AOE

Everything was going swimmingly with the American nations, with their crosshairs on Mexico, but then, out of nowhere, the Order Empire and Parthia had suddenly announced plans to attack members of the American Alliance. This alarmed Ohio, Texas, and Wyoming, and then Cold War ensues. The Alliance of Empires was made as a result and then Texas challenged the Alliance to a fight. Parthia declined, and was made fun of because of it. The Alliance expanded with Mexico and Prussia. The American Alliance retaliated by getting Acksad, and Nigeria on their side. War was about to erupt, and the Alliance of Empires don't know what's about to hit them.

A Sudden Drop

All of a sudden, the Alliance of Empires just decided it's not interested in threatening the American Alliance anymore. This was a relief for the Americans, seeing that they finally have peace. To make matters better, Texas is still willing to put up a good deal with Mexico, but Mexico didn't come to El Paso. To this day, they still have not decided the deal.

Hell Still Erupts

Just when you think all is well and will be, the Xerium Computers made by Apple and Microsoft had their antiviruses overridden, which caused a lot of deadly dominoes to fall. By deadly dominoes falling, we mean an unfortunate series of events. Dinosaurs ran rampant on Isla Nublar after they closed their parks, Wyoming and New York didn't even help at all, seeing that Wyoming's capital, Cheyenne, massacred half of InGen's workers at Jurassic Park: Cheyenne, and New York SET OFF A NUCLEAR DEVICE IN LONG ISLAND, CAUSING NUCLEAR DINOSAURS TO RUN RAMPANT IN NEW YORK AND CAUSED NEW YORK TO GO ON A DOWNWARD SPIRAL OF CIVIL WARS. This meant trouble for the American Alliance. They were about to get some angry looks onto them. Texas didn't know what to do, so they just did nothing but send Isla Nublar a loan of 25,000 dollars. Everything was still spiraling down to the bottom, as Ohio set off a harmless virus upon Isla Nublar that unintentionally indirectly crashed a helicopter and caused problems with computers. This has angered Isla Nublar to an extent where they now want to declare war on Ohio for hacking into their systems. What's even worse is that Isla Sorna and Cheyenne wanted independence, as they both thought they were mistreated by their owners. War ensues, and Wyoming and Isla Nublar won, not giving them independence.

The Gerry Disaster

The Gerry Disaster is a disaster that shook Texas forever. It was way worse than the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters COMBINED. The Gerry Nuclear Power Plant was located in between Houston and Galveston. After temperatures dropped low, despite best efforts by the Texans, the nuclear rods began to shake and pop out. There was a meltdown taking place, and the Texans in Houston and Galveston, as well as in the Gerry NPP, were evacuated, and only a select few had died. However, this does not mean it's a little thing that hurt Texas slightly. Southeastern Houston and Northwestern Galveston were blown to bits and pieces after that disaster, and it'll take but a decade to fix Houston and Galveston and clean radiation, thanks to help by other nations.


Texas, like all the other countries, has some relations with others, positive and negative, be it friends, or enemies.


Ohio: A former state of the United States. Seems like a friendly, nice guy. Doesn't cause too much trouble, in fact, I created an alliance with him. We're good friends. We even cooperate with each other. No matter how hard you try, ya cannot be ahead of me. We need to have the same technology.

Georgia: Another former state of the United States, and a member of the American Alliance. We're both blue bloods, tell ya that, plus we're both aware of the threat of them burrito people. Had a couple of internal conflicts here and there, even had to put him outta his misery in cooperation with Ohio, but... yeah. Good friends. He also gave a scroll to me.


Wyoming: Another American Alliance member! I have to say, that railroad idea is genius! We stomped out that money lovin' radical outta here to Minnesota, where the only thing he'd do is annex to CANADA! I think you and I could be BESTIES. WELP. MAYBE NOT. Saw what ya did with InGen's workers. Stop making us look bad!


Isla Nublar: Delivered Georgia's scroll to me. Was it a scroll? More like a valentine's card to me. Acknowledges the threat of them taco munchers, but I dunno him too much, y'know? Y'all have cool dinosaurs, by the way. Wish I can go there myself. But... I've heard news of Ohio saying a dinosaur escaping. A T-Rex, rather. Don't worry, li'l buddy, I'll be protecting you. I just don't know what to do...

Valentines day card

The Scroll Isla Nublar delivered to Texas from Georgia

'Ad: Did you just die? Hmm. Weird.


Mexican Empire: I dunno about y'all. Y'all never touched my land, but make a move on it and you'll be wishin' y'all never touched the great land of Texas, y'hear? Potential allies? Or nah? HEY! Saw you expanding to Colorado! You best not be expanding to Kansas, or you and I will have a problem. Well, never mind that, ya gave Colorado to Wyoming already. Why won't ya come to my meeting? I promise a good deal!

Ancapistan: Even though you didn't annex any land in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, I can't tell ya I told you so. Because I already got it written down. Holds up paper that says "I told you so" I told ya I, along with the rest of the American Alliance (except for Washington) would unscrew yer head and shit down yer neck! I had to help Wyoming in that war in Lincoln and Western Kansas city, plus I was the one who boosted Wyoming's surrender demands. He made ya flee to Minnesota. Hah.

Parthia: Listen, buddy. Ya thought that we were going to be a bother. Ya thought that we are warmongering assholes. Ya thought that we would attack first. You'd be wrong. Dead wrong. And now you assumed that. You assumed that and kept it in yer head like we were evil sons of bitches. Buddy, you assumed that we were the parasite on the whole entire world, just because of the fact that we kept going strong and growing with more states. Look where you ended up in. You and yer c.a. are growing stronger by the minute, but so are we. And now we would knock y'all over in a second's worth. And that's all because ya couldn't shut yer trapper. You sicken me. Y'know, what can I expect from an Iranian country, like you? And now you want to hire more into yer alliance? Even our enemies? All in the name of protection? Of power? All in the name of GROWTH!? Lemme tell you. Empires that look to grow don't last for long. Look at Germany. Plagued with 2 world wars, and lost both of 'em. I'm warnin' ya. If you want to recreate the Axis or the Central Powers, I couldn't give a shit less, but if yer intention is to gang up on us and declare war for a guaranteed win, then that's where I'm going to draw the line. Ya wanna pester us? Ya wanna make fun of us? Fine with me, then, you wannabe Safavids. You should be thankful that for now, we're peaceful, but don't expect us to go out a cowardly way if ya want a piece of the good ol' Red, White, and Blue.

Order Empire: See: Parthia

Texas' National Anthem

Texas' national anthem's name is "Texas, Our Texas". It was written by William J. Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright in 1924, and was adopted in 1929. The lyrics are as follows.

Texas, Our Texas Instrumental

Texas, Our Texas Instrumental

The Texas, Our Texas Instrumental version. Lyrics are to the left for you to sing along.

[VERSE 1:]
Texas, Our Texas! All hail the mighty State!

Texas, Our Texas! So wonderful so great!
boldest and grandest, withstanding ev'ry test
O Empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest.

God bless you, Texas! And keep you brave and strong,
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.

[VERSE 2:]

Texas, O Texas! your freeborn single star,
Sends out its radiance to nations near and far,
Emblem of Freedom! it sets our hearts aglow,
With thoughts of San Jacinto and glorious Alamo.

God bless you...
[VERSE 3:]

Texas, dear Texas! From tyrant grip now free,
Shine forth in splendor your star of destiny
Mother of heroes, we come your children true.
Proclaiming our allegiance, our faith, our love for you.

God bless you...

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