Singapura is a nation made by UCW admin Palmcoast in Season 1 of UCW Rewritten. It is located in Southeast Asia and currently holds the lands of Singapore, and Malaysia, with the exception of Sabah. It is currently a part of a pact called the Southeast Asia Pact, consisting of Singapura, Rizal and Thailand. The country is based on the country of Singapore, which got its namesake and the capital from.


Life Anew in The Tip

Singapura was created by political groups who took shelter when the Verneshot happened in Central Asia. During all the tension between the American nations and the outside world, Malaysian, Bruneian, and Singaporean parties kept on actually fighting for the country's sovereignty. The nationalist parties seem to reach close into winning, but the SMP (Singapura Majulah Party) launched a surprise attack on a vital military base on the most strongest party, the PTMP (Power To Malaysia Party), and surprisingly won against it, bringing nationalism to its knees. The SMP won every battle, with some stalemates here and there, and finally, all of the Nationalist parties, both Singaporean, Bruneian and Malaysian, surrendered to the SMP. The SMP was given the prize of sovereignty over Malaysia and Singapore. And thus, Singapura was born. On its first year, Singapura was given the opportunity to co-found the Southeast Asia Pact, with Thailand and Rizal. Singapura also plans to restore Singapore, Bandar Seri Begawan and Kuala Lumpur into their former glory.


Singapura, like all other nations, establish relations with others, although it does not know anyone else but Rizal and Thailand.


Rizal: Yah! Make of good friend! He is of part of Southeast Asia Pact, like me and Thai, lah! I reserve Sabah for him Although is part of me on map

Thailand: Me neighbor and of invented Southeast Asia Pact, lah!


Everyone Else: Who are yuo all, lah?


Singapura has no enemies yet.

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