UCW season six is the current UCW season (as of May 6th, 2020) created on the 12th of April, this server returned to the UCW original server instead of going to a different one.


List Of Nations

Here is a list of nations in order of created, separated by Month


Zobamawae (12th)

Nebraska (12th)

Lithuania (12th)

France (12th)

Srivijaya (13th)

Sweden (13th)

Wadiya (13th)

East India Company (13th)

Panama (14th)

Dakota (16th)

Poland (18th)

Venice (19th)

Akraine (20th)

Alaska (21st)

Korea (21st)

Soviet Union (22nd)

Kazakh Khanite (22nd)

Ireland (22nd)

Turkeli (23rd)

United Islands (23rd)

Kashmir (24th)

Republic of North Africa (24th)

Italy (24th)

Germany (24th)

Estonia (24th)

Texas (24th)

Sealand (24th)

Athens (25th)

Strovakia (25th)

Kurdistan (25th)

Canada (25th)

Yugoslavia (25th)

Ireland (25th)

East Germany (26th)

Andzana (26th)

Ankalah (26th)

New Californian Republic (26th)

Monsila (26th)

Soviet Union (26th)

Vietnam (26th)

Finland (26th)

Florida (26th)

South Carolina (27th)

Arkansas (27th)

Denmark (27th)

Venezuela (28th)

Australia (28th)

Netherlands (29th)

Naples (28th)

Washington (29th)

China (29th)

Brazil (30th)

Spain (30th)


Australia (1st)

Virginia (1st)

United Croissant (1st)

Japan (1st)

Action (2nd)

Indonesia (2nd)

Jatu (2nd)

Nordia (2nd)

America (2nd)

Halla (3rd)

California (6th)

Southland (6th)

Wolf Clan (9th)

Egypt (9th)

Coal miners (11th)


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