The Roman Empire was a Nation in season 7.It fell when a rebellion happened and then rose again.

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The Siege of Rome.

The siege of Rome was a small conflict between the Austro-Italian empire and The Roman Empire caused by increasing tensions between the two.Austrian troops started to occupy port cities and attacked rome.Rome quickly made peace with the AIE.Rome lost naples and sardina from this battle.

The Crimean war

The Crimean war was a war between Russia,Austro italian empire and Roman empire against crimea.Rome helped alot in this war and annexed South West crimea.

Romes Fall

Romae liberi eritis was a group that wanted Rome's freedom.They had about 25000 members during the time of rome's fall.The Romae liberi eritis led a attack on rome with the plan of capturing the Emperor.They wanted to threaten the Emperor so that his brother,Augustus would surrender for his brothers life.After the surrender Rome became the New Republic of Rome.They introduced a whole bunch of new laws and removed most of the old roman laws.They abolished slavery and gave people political freedom and freedom of speech.

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