New York is a nation In UCW Rewritten season 1



New York was created on 2/24/20 or 2026 rp time. There first word was "Hello"

New York Civil War (2030-2033)

In early 2030 NY opened a Jurassic Park in collaboration with InGen. New York made a ton of money off this and InGen had control of Half of Long Island. During the 2030 incident at Isla Nublar, InGen temporarily closed all parks including the one in NY. NY claimed that they were killing their people. 2 years after the Incident InGen was revived and New York forgot they had leased Long Island to InGen. NY demanded InGen leave Long Island in 3 minutes. When they didn't, New York NUKED LONG ISLAND. New York City was ravened by Dinosaurs until InGen came and sent the dinosaurs to Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar. A lot of people were given cancer and all of downstate NY consolidated into the Free Republic of New York. New York's president was shot too. The rest of New York was called Upstate New York. They fought for about another year until the Battle of Albany. The battle was fought between Upstate and Downstate and was heavily covered by News from across the world. Upstate won and the Free Republic of New York was no more.

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