Georgia is a nation from UCW Rewritten season 1 owned by WarrantedSun



Georgia was created on Feb. 11th 2020. Its first word was "I EAT JELLYFISH". Georgia's president would die the same day on Isla Nublar from a disclosed incident after he tried to force Isla Nublar to deliver a scroll. His political party was the Radical Republican Party of Georgia.

Valentines day card

The Scroll Georgia wanted Isla Nublar to deliver to Texas

President Butt Fart (2020)

President Sex Boob Butt Fart, or President Butt Fart, was Georgia's 2nd President, and was also a part of the Radical Republican Party. He was elected in April, 2020. President Butt Fart was mentally challenged, which made him commit some evil acts. He locked both of his grandparents up in a cage, and left them in the Presidential Mansion to starve. His grandfather was a Nazi, while his grandmother had Dementia. President Butt Fart's reign ended the same day he was elected, when he decided he just didn't wanna be president anymore.

Georgia Massacre (2020)

Georgia got a new president named Racist Prick on July 2020, also a member of the Radical Republican Party, and they created a border control, allied the Order Empire, and called Rizal, Hawaii and Isla Nublar Mexicans, Sounding like an orange man. The president found the 2nd Presidents grandparents locked in a cage, and he gave them guns and a seltzer and started murdering anyone who wasn't white claiming they were Mexican. Rizal and Isla Nublar would protest the massacre. A Rizali man would prank the Georgians by pretending to be Mexican, Be shot in the face, then taken hostage. The Rizal government would give Georgia and Camuigin Island to get back the man.

Camuigin Island (2020)

After Georgia gained Camuigin Island from Rizal. The citizens bombed the Georgian builders and government on the Island. Not much later, they created an insurgency against the Georgians. After a long battle, Georgia surrendered the island and the Georgian president returned home. After he returned home, President Racist Prick, and the 2nd presidents grandparents were shot and killed by an uprising.

Atlanta Massacre (2020)

In October of 2020, a group of protesters formed together in the middle of Atlanta to try to protest the absurd ways of the president. Over time the group grew bigger and more violent, and when the President got word of this, he sent the military to contain he protesters. When the military arrived, the protesters mocked the military forced and started to throw rocks at them. When a protester hit a soldier over the head with a rock, knocking him out, the soldiers unloaded on the protesters. The first protester who was killed was named Jorge Rivera, who was of Mexican descent.

President Prick's Assassination (2020)

A few days after the Atlanta Massacre, a group of leftists armed themselves a few blocks away from the President's mansion. Some of the leftists were women, and children, and some never even fired a weapon before this point. The group rushed up to President Prick's mansion, firing on the outside security guards, and barging through the front doors. The leftists opened fire on the President, and the President's adviser who was the 2nd President's Grandfather. That was the end of the reign of President Prick.

Georgian Election of 10/18/20

The Georgian Election of 10/18/20 took a turn for what was known through out Georgian history, as this election's victory was given to a member of The Central-Left Party of Georgia, rather than the typical Radical Republican Party. The election went by popular vote and the candidates were Dick Head of the Radical Republican Party, and Mike Hunt Hurtz of the Central-Left Party. Mike Hunt Hurtz won the election by a landslide.

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