Finnokia was a Season 1 nation created by TSwany. It consisted of most of Europe and the Nordic region.


Early Tensions

At one point in time, Finnokia was often antagonized by other nations for no apparent reason.


As populations rose quickly, Finnokia felt the need to expand its claims in order to avoid overcrowding. It held many referendums in other unorganized areas of land to join the nation, and many of them were successful.

Establishing Relations

Tensions began to ease after a while, and Finnokia gained strong allies in East Asia and USNA. Afterwards, things calmed down for a while and the world was at peace.



USNA - Very good friend! Also very strong. A force to be reckoned with for sure!

East Asia - See: USNA.

Hindustan - Fellow technocracy and great ally!


Centralistan - You've been acting strange recently...

Russia - Dirty land thief! Give me back western Russia! I rightfully owned it!

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