Brief Overview

England is a nation in season 7. It owned England and some parts of and Ireland gained from the Irish-Scotto-Brito War.


When England was born it began expanding it's territory up north. Relations between Rome and England were very poor. Rome began looking for any excuse to invade England and enslave it's population. Scotland was discovered by the English and the relations between to 2 slowly began to decline. Ireland was later discovered and the relations between the 3 countries completely broken down which led to the Irish-Scotto-Brito War and shall mark the boundaries of and Ireland. And make Britain at peace at last. The war was bloody but England finally come out on top. Ireland took Northern Ireland and England took parts of Ireland and Scotland. Later, a coup occurred in Rome which overview the brutal dictatorship. This was England's chance to improve relations with Rome and so it did. England signed a non-aggression pact with Rome and Scotland.

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