This article is about the Season 4 UCW Blue nation located in central Asia and eastern Europe. Perhaps you were looking for Centralistan?

Caucasia is a Season 4 nation that was made by TSwany, an admin of Ultimate Custom World.


Formation & Rise of Kucharski

After the nuclear apocalypse event, a new nation in Kazakhstan was quickly formed by a man named Ivan Kucharski. While his family was Polish, he had moved away to Armenia many years before WW2, and then to Kazakhstan shortly after. After surviving the nuclear blast, he formed a monarchy called Kazakia and declared himself king.

Gaining Allies

Shortly after formation, Kazakia began expansion and showed powerful strength in doing so. This quickly caught the attention of the Illuminati, who invited the nation to become allies, to which Kazakia accepted.

Name Change and the Rise of Fascism

After seizing control over the Caucasus, King Ivan changed the name of the nation to Caucasia. Following the name change, a referendum was held to determine the nation's ideological preference. The people of Caucasia voted in favor of fascism, and so Caucasia became a fascist monarchy. The capital was also moved to Yerevan, which is where Ivan spent most of his pre-WW2 life.

A New King

When 1963 began, King Ivan had died of an unknown illness shortly after the new year’s celebrations ended. His son, Matthew, inherited his spot as King of Caucasia, and the country's ideology temporarily went from full-blown fascism to a more calm version of nationalism. This is also the time where Caucasia joined the recently-formed Monarchist Pact. Following a war with the Qing Dynasty, Caucasia returned to its status as a Fascist Monarchy.



Illuminati - Best friend and longtime ally! Our governments are very similar too. HAIL TO PICKENS!

Germany - Other best friend!

Italy - Friend and MP ally.

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