"You haven't seen anything yet..." ― Bahamas, at the beginning of the Season Climax

The Bahamas is a Season 4 nation created by TSwany on the Red subserver.



After the nuclear war, a new Caribbean democracy rose from the ashes of the former Bahamas and Jamaica. The Bahamas quickly formed relations with other island nations in the world's oceans, like Sicily and Wytopia, and they went on to form a short-lived pact called the League of Islands.

Contact with the Outside World

Shortly after, the Bahamas began to establish contact with more nations from all around the world. Around that same time, communism was becoming a global worry, considering what happened with the former USSR and nuclear war. To help prevent this, the Bahamas, along with the Philippines and Scotland, formed the Alliance of Freedom, an alliance against the spread of communism, with the ultimate goal of global stability.

A New Type of Government

At some point in the late 80s, the Bahamas established a new type of government, called a Triocracy. It is unknown to the rest of the world what this government is or how it works, but according to inside sources, it consists of 3 presidents as opposed to one in a regular democracy, one left-leaning, one right-leaning, and one centrist to balance things out. It seems to be going very well for them.

Rising Tensions

After a while, a new pact called the League of Cool Nations formed. This wasn't of much concern to the AoF until the LoCN started defaming the Alliance of Freedom for seemingly no reason. Angered by this, the AoF, led by the Bahamas, sued the LoCN for defamation, to which the AoF won the lawsuit thanks to the LoCN acting unprofessionally about the situation and not providing valid arguments defending their case. To this day the two pacts have tense relations and many feel a war could very well be on the horizon.

Falling Tensions

Then, out of seemingly nowhere, the LoCN was dissolved. It seemed that whatever god was watching over the world really didn't want chaos to ensue in the form of any war.

Sudden Warfare

It didn't take long for tensions to flare up again, but not in the way you'd expect. No, this wasn't tension between the AoF and the former LoCN, instead, there were now tensions between most of the AoF and the Democratic Union, who recently had plans of world domination leaked to the public by Bahamian and Filipino spies. Afterwards, war soon followed, and ended in a victory for the Bahamas and the Philippines.



Philippines - Fellow technologist and co-founder of AoF! We stick together at all times. Also, we worked together to get rid of that backstabbing DU!

Scotland - Longtime ally and AoF member! Someday I'll help you beat England if that's what you're still aiming for.

Chile - I like your style! Throwing commies out of helicopters...I should try that some time.




  • In UCW Red, the countryball personification of the Bahamas was a rather interesting case. It is said that he beheld the ability to transcend to other dimensions, and was capable of channeling unknown energy shown through his eyes, which would turn green if this process was occurring.
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