The American Alliance is an Alliance in Season 1 of UCW rewritten. It is a defensive, technological, and economical alliance that seeks to benefit other members equally. It consists of the Co-Leaders Texas and Ohio, as well as members Georgia, Washington, and Wyoming. It's goal is to reunite former American states even if they want to be independent. It's idea came from the fact that Texas said:

"Hmm.. Y'know... Ohio, Georgia, since we were states in a former superpower that vanished away, I would like to propose a defensive alliance."
At that point, it came clear that the alliance was formed, and was originally called the Former State Pact, however, it is now known as the name that is now taken to heart, the American Alliance. Due to advancements in each country, the American Alliance grew to be much more than a defensive pact to the point where it adds to be a technological and economical alliance. Current threats by the Mexican Empire as well as the Alliance of Empires helped boost it as well.


An Idea Turned into a Reality

The whole history of the Alliance happened when Texas suggested an alliance with Ohio and Georgia. The two have accepted that proposition, and thus, the Former State Pact was born. That name was changed later to the name we now know as the American Alliance, seeing as the name wouldn't fit for anything. Texas and Ohio were quick to get the alliance moving back up, but Georgia was having some difficulties, as their first president got eaten whole by a T-Rex, the second resigned the moment he got elected, and the 3rd was killed by a riot against far-right ideas, as the third president was all anti-Mexican and suggested that everyone that is not American is Mexican, although proven to be false.

More Than One Purpose

After Ohio and Texas went through some really hard changes in their countries, which introduced a load of things, such as Apple being a part of Texas and Microsoft being a part of Ohio, and Ohio and Texas' cities growing bigger and more advanced as every day passes, and due to Georgia's economical depression, the alliance didn't really need to become just a defensive alliance, as the American Alliance came into 2 other purposes, technological and economical, to help the nations in the alliance prosper and for all of them to have equal benefits.

The Rise of the American Alliance

All that sought the rise of the American Alliance. More and more nations in the former United States was all popping up and caused a significant boom in the American Alliance, which all of them joined. Everything was going the American Alliance's way. Even Uncle Sam, being in heaven, was proud of the American Alliance for getting back up off of its feet. Washington and Wyoming came and joined the alliance, whereas Washington had prospered as well, and Wyoming has built a railroad which had connected to all of the members of the American Alliance, but then, someone had to get in the way of Wyoming's plan.

A Dangerous Plan with Ancapistan

Ancapistan, which was an Anarcho-Capitalist nation, and a potential empire, was in the Midwest, and the American Alliance saw this as a threat, seeing that it was too close for comfort for Texas, spoiled Ohio's westward expansion, and ruined plans with Wyoming's Trans-Continental railroad. It had made Georgia unhappy as well, seeing that it was an avid supporter of the railroad. Chaos was about to ensue, the threats are high, and war is soon to be coming up around the block. Things could get too dirty for the entire continent of North America.

The Ancapistan War

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The American Alliance (Except for Washington, he was against the war) attacked, and as hard as they could against Ancapistan. Texas had swooped on Kansas City like a hurricane and won, Wyoming had attacked in Lincoln, whereas the army was all but encircled, but Texas had came and saved them, and Ohio (with some Georgian volunteers) hit hard on Springfield and won. This was it for Ancapistan, and Wyoming had demanded surrender. Of course, Ancapistan refused unless they had an unfair pass, which Texas went to Walmart and got one, and handed it to Ancapistan, Ancapistan had accepted, and fleed to Minnesota. Texas had lands in Kansas and Missouri, Wyoming got lands in Nebraska and Iowa, Georgia got southern Illinois and the one province in Indiana, and Ohio got the rest. Peace was at last for the American Empire, and the railroad project was saved.

Toe-To-Toe with Mexico

Mexico was also a huge concern for America, and it all started by expanding to Colorado. This surprised Wyoming and Texas, who were near where Mexico had annexed. Wyoming was most concerned with Colorado, whereas Texas was most concerned with Kansas. Ohio was to act quick about Mexico, as for the rest of the American Alliance. Mexico was in their crosshairs, and everything was about to unleash hell onto the Mexicans.

A Sudden Threat

As soon as everything went out smooth for the AA, a new threat was approaching, and Mexico was soon to be a part of it. It was the Alliance of Empires, and they seek to destroy the Americans. This suddenly turned into a Cold War 3.0 as the American Alliance was about to put up a fight. Texas wanted to prove that they are strong by requesting a willing war against the AoE, but Parthia declined, and was made fun of by Texas and Ohio. Ohio even sent daily messages in the national inbox of each member of the alliance saying: "Good morning, CHICKEN!" The Alliance of Empires grew more and more, adding Mexico and Prussia into the alliance. The American Alliance retaliated by getting Nigeria and Acksad on their side. When Parthia lost interest in attacking America, they were no longer a threat, to make matters better, Texas was willing to sign a deal with Mexico to shoo them out of the former USA.


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